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About us

Hi, I’m Dr. Khouloud,

Hi, my name is Dr. Khouloud, nice to meet you!

I work with motivated spirits just like yours who works better for our humanity and defend our rights and freedom. After getting my Ph.D. in International Law, I learned that it provides a solid foundation, but needs to be equipped with a practical lesson in life that connects the text with real-life situations. This is where I come in and I will be routinely sharing PRACTICAL content of studies, articles, training manuals that help you if you are engaged in human rights work.

Professional BIO: Dr. Khouloud Al-Khatib: Ph.D. – International Law.

Dr. Khouloud AlKhatib is a human rights defender, lawyer, and university associate professor. She is co-founder and the president of the Lebanese Organization for Defending Equality and Rights (LOUDER) and currently the executive director of the Human Rights Center at the Lebanese International University. Dr. Al-Khatib Teaches Public International law and Human rights courses at the Lebanese University, Faculty of Law and Political Science in Beirut. She is also an associate professor at the Research and Strategic Studies Center- RSSC- at the Lebanese Army. She provided various training on different topics in human rights, HR Protective International, regional, and national Mechanisms, and trial observation mechanisms to human rights defenders, professional groups, and youth in the MENA region. In 2018, she was selected as a board director at Geneva Institute for Human Rights, where she is currently a legal consultant and trainer. In 2016, she was elected as a board member at LSAC, Lebanese State Alumni committee, with the American Embassy of Beirut.

Dr. Al-Khatib holds a Ph.D. degree in International Law with an emphasis on human rights from the Lebanese University She also holds two masters’ degrees in Private and Public laws from the Sagesse University and the Lebanese University. Al-Khatib is a member of the Lebanese Bar Association and a member of the Beirut and was a member of the Commission of Basic Freedoms and Human Rights till 2017.

She Specialized in developing Human Rights Curriculums, and training manuals and has many references and studies in the field of human rights.

17 years of experience

I have experience more than 17 years in many fields, started working at Attorney at Law at Beirut Bar association‎‏ since 2003 until now after I got my ‏‎Ph.D. graduate International Law‎‏ from ‏‎Lebanese University‎‏ at 2014 I'm I got several jobs and administrative positions. I had the expertise for more than 17 years in many fields, started working as Attorney at Law at Beirut Bar association‎‏ from 2003 until now after I got my ‏‎Ph.D. graduate International Law‎‏ from ‏‎Lebanese University‎‏ in 2014 I'm I got several jobs and administrative positions.

So I'm working as an ‏‎associate professor at the Lebanese faculty of Law and Political Science University Executive Director For the LIU Human Rights Center, Activist, Researcher‎‏ ‏‎lawyer, and instructor at the Lebanese International university‎‏ from 2014 until now and an associate Professor/Researcher‎‏ in ‏‎Lebanese University, Strategic Research and Studies Center (RSSC - Lebanese Army)‎‏ from 2017 until now at Beabda.

Our mission

If you have read ِ"About Me" very well, you will know that my first mission is to spread human rights not only in the Arab world but also internationally, at a time when human rights are almost non-existent in many countries.

My mission is to train volunteers and specialists on how to publish human rights provisions and laws to protect human resources and exploit them for the public good, also raise awareness in societies that may lack true concepts of their rights as a human being, and this is what I have been working on through my travel around several countries in the worldwide so that peace and safety prevail in the world. because each one has to live with dignity.

Our goals that we aim to achieve

As mentioned above, our main goal is to teach the knowledge in all fields of human rights to everyone, not only on a regional international level but at a comprehensive global international level, to spread awareness that may be able to preserve the rights of children, women, the disabled and the elderly.